HFL Loan Application

You are almost ready to become a member of a great organization and to receive your Interest Free Loan. Please follow the steps bellow.

Note: We recommend that you read our Steps to Obtaining Interest-free Loan and FAQ sections first. You may also consider these additional ways of obtaining interest-free financing.

To view the application form, you need a PDF reader. You can download a fast and free Foxit PDF reader here.

All applications must be made in person, in our office during our normal business hours (Tues: 5-7 PM, Thur: 4-7 PM, Sun. 9-11 AM.)
Our office is located at 58 Burlington St, Providence, RI 02906. – Near intersection of Hope St and Burlington St.

1) Download and print out the application form.
2) Fill out all fields, marking not-applicable fields with N/A.
3) Have your cosigners fill out their respective applications.
4) Have your Social Security Card and valid form of ID (RI Driver’s License or State ID) as well as proof of residence* with you, when you submit your application.

6) If you have any questions, refer to our on-line FAQ.
7) If you still have questions, call our office: 401-331-3081
8) Once we receive your application, the board of directors will review it, and assign an investigator to meet with you and your cosigners.
9) Once investigation is complete, your case will be presented, and board will vote to approve or deny the loan.

General Guidelines and Requirements:

1) You must be a Rhode Island resident.
2) You must have a job or source of income to repay the loan.
3) You must have qualified cosigners, each of whom should be able to repay the loan if you default. (Credit-worthy cosigners increase your chances to be approved for the loan)
4) Prepare you support documentation. Your investigation officer will need it to better assess your financial situation and speed up investigation process.

Documents you need to have ready:
Social Security Card, Valid Driver’s License or other valid for of ID, Utility Bills, Lease, Mortgage statements, Credit Card Statements, Auto loan statements or any other recurring payment information. The more information we have, the easier it is for us to make a decision in a timely manner, without extending investigation to gather more information.

Good Luck

* Proof of residence: You must present current utility bills (last 2 months), in your name or in your parents’ or spouse’s name.